Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Our head office is located in Lone Tree, Colorado, U.S.A.

What currency do you use?

All of our prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

Why are the maximum letters 10 in Create?

Ten is the maximum amount of letters that fit artistically on a 12 in. x 36 in. canvas or a 13.5 in. x 37.5” framed canvas.

What do I do if I want multiple words for an occasion or for a favorite saying?

For example, “I Love Grandma”, you would arrange the canvases vertically as follows:

I Love Grandma

When you Create multiple words, make sure you have the appropriate amount of wall space to display the WordArt.

How do I use the symbols?

Using the same example above “I Love Grandma” by using a “heart” symbol for love, you can create the entire WordArt on one frame:

I Love Grandma

What color tones are the WordArt?

Black and white and full color.

What size are the letters if they are ordered without a frame?

The letter size is 4 in. by 6 in. when ordered without a frame. All of the photos are developed using 4 x 6 professional Fuji crystal archive photo paper.

What are your framing options?

Our framing options are either “Canvas or Framed Canvas”. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all US and Canadian addresses as discussed here.

How are your products shipped?

We ship your WordArt through UPS, UPS MI International and UPS SurePost as discussed here

What is the “Production Time” that you refer to in Shipping Info?

The Production Time is 5 to 6 days and it is included in the Delivery Time quoted when you place the order. This explains why NDA (next day) is 6 to 7 days and 2DA (two days) is 7 to 8 days.

Why do Colorado destinations only have one shipping option?

UPS ground in Colorado is only one day so there is no reason to pay for 2DA or NDA rates.

Why do some States only have two shipping options?

UPS ground to these states is 2 to 3 days which means there is no real advantage in having 2DA so we only offer Ground and NDA.

Why do you lose the discount if you change letters in Favorite Words?

Every piece of art produced has its own specific art work. For Favorite Words, this art work has already been done, allowing us to offer a discount for that specific WordArt. Therefore, when you change the images in the Favorite Word, the art work has to be designed to fit the canvas.

What is your guarantee?

Please see Terms and Conditions.

Why do I receive watermarked images in my Order Receipt?

Watermarks on images in the Order Receipt are part of our copyright protection. They will not be on the photographs or WordArt that is shipped to you.

What is the width of a blank space between words?

This space is 75% of the width of the space of a letter. Letter Art Home > Frequently Asked Questions