Alphabet Photo Objects and Symbols for Personalized Photo Letter Art

The use of alphabet photo objects and symbols provides an opportunity to express your feelings in a totally different frame of reference. What do we mean by that? For instance, look at the symbolic form of “I Love Football”. The instant you see that – where does it take you? See what we mean about a different frame of reference, or maybe a momentary reality shift?

I Love Football Art

We have made it relatively simple to access our photographic symbol images by using characters from the keyboard. We actually call them “special characters”! They are special – they lead you to symbols for creativity abound.

How to Choose Alphabet Photo Objects and Symbols:

Hearts, Stars & Moons – Using the 0 key

U R A Star

Food & Beverage - Using the 1 key

Cupcake time

Signs and Transportation – Using the 2 key

I love my BMW

Smiley Faces – Using the 3 key

Smile Today

Sports, Universities & Flags – Using the 4 key

Go Longhorns

Water & Beach – Using the 5 key

I love Water and the Beach

Flowers & Trees – Using the 6 key

Flower Child

Instruments & Clocks – Using the 7 key

Play Guitar

Words – Using the 8 key

Spinning Rocks

Places & Miscellaneous – Using the 9 key

I Love Yoga

Numbers – Using the # key

8 Ripken

@ - Using the @ key

Back at You

! - Using the ! key

MMM Good

& - Using the & key

Me and You

? – Using the ? key

Marry Me

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