About Jaime Leigh


My name is Jaime Leigh. I’m a photographic artist based in Denver, Colorado. In 2000, I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BA in PhotojournalismWhat’s the Word? is my letter photography business, Jaime Leigh Photography - portraits, and Through Your Window - window frame photo art.

Jaime Leigh

It is important to me to be able to share with others what I see. A vital part of learning and growing is through my vision. Whether it be a child’s portrait or a photograph of an old rusted truck, every subject has a story to tell and every subject matters.

As time evolves and I stare at the world around me, I can’t help but want to make pictures. Everyday life happens so quickly and the moments throughout the day deserve to be documented. Through my journey of life, I’ve been blessed to travel with my camera. Being able to document people, places and other cultures has opened my mind, my eyes and changed my heart.

Letter Photography

As a photographer, I’ve always seen things differently. I'm naturally forced to look at lines, shapes, architecture, colors, landscape, cars, bikes and these types of things in a way that others may not see. What’s the Word? is a creative way to show what I see and put it to practical use, by making letters - for YOU to make words! Such a fun way to show what I see and a unique way for YOU to create your favorite word.

Every letter is a piece of art. The letters allow you to display artwork and create meaning to your space. Your Word Art can be anything including your nickname, last name, pet, children, sports team, profession, etc. They also could be words which express your beliefs, such as love, faith, balance, laugh, play, smile, courage, inspire, etc. I photograph these letters locally and from travels nationally and internationally.

The beauty of What’s the Word? It’s YOUR word and anything is possible! There are many unique options for your letter choosing. Color letters bring a different aspect to your decorating and they will provide a splash of light you didn’t have before. Letters are also available in black and white for those of you who like a more classic and nostalgic look.

What’s the Word? is also a brilliant gift idea for any occasion. It will be the most unique gift your friends or family will receive - mostly because YOU took the time to create the masterpiece!

Thank you for being here and CREATING a word that will bring joy to your space or the space of others!

In gratitude,

Jaime Leigh

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